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Apr 10, 2015

WLCI is one of the largest professional training institutions in the country. We aim to enhance our foot print in the Sub Continent through a net work of Franchisee Partners’ for market reach and penetration.

At WLCI, Our Core philosophy is, Employers are central to our work and our efforts are focused around the requirements of the industry. Therefore, our prime objective is to prepare professionals who are armed to succeed in the work place.

We believe that traditional Knowledge-based education is no longer meeting the requirements of the employers or the aspirations of the learners. We have therefore moved beyond academia and transformed ourselves into a truly professional training organization matching industry requirements for employment. Our training is modeled on the real world of work. Our curriculum and learning material are mapped to real business processes.  We aim to train rather than educate; assess rather than just examine; produce doers rather than intellectuals; and we instill in our learners a professional value system that will make them valuable corporate citizens.

Learning is a lifelong process and training needs will change at various stages of a professional’s life. Hence we have devised a system which will provide a lifelong learning and placement support at every stage of a learner’s career.

Our School of Business Offers’ Management Programs in Marketing, Human Resources and Finance for Undergraduates and Post Graduates with Internship support during the course and Placement upon completion of the course.

Franchise Facts:

Area Requirement: 2000-5000 sq ft
Total Investment: 15-30 lacs
Franchise Fees: 5-7 lacs (per program)

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