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Sevenseas Spa


Jan 16, 2015

A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets an organization owns. To make it truly powerful it needs to be applied consistently. We look into natural world for ideas and inspiration for all kinds of design opportunities.

Area: 800-1000 sq ft
Investment: Rs.30 Lac
Facilities: 2 Foot spa /Pedi Mani ,2 Thai Thai,1 oil massage room
ROI: 18 Months

Area: 1500-2000 sq ft
Investment: Rs.50 Lac
Facilities: 2 Foot spa /Pedi Mani ,3 Thai Thai,4 oil massage room
ROI: 2 Years

Area: 2500-3000 sq ft
Investment: Rs.90 Lac
Facilities: 4 Foot spa /Pedi Mani ,3 Thai Thai,4 oil massage room & Salon(12 Chairs)
ROI: 2 Years

Founded in 1994, Sansha is India’s leading spa, fitness and Hair and skin care products company. sevenseas is
a consulting and management company which provides: conceptual and strategic planning; feasibility and needs
assessment studies; design consultation and space plan development; pre-opening services, turnkey management or operational consulting, IT and creative services. Throughout our history, Sansha has worked with number of clubs, resorts, hotels, and residential properties. We prepare facilities for a successful opening with the strong foundation necessary to achieve operational and financial excellence. In addition, provides qualified staff, effective promotions, and creative spa, fitness and activities menus. The seamless integration of our concepts, design, and sophisticated systems enables us to produce operative excellence combined with cost effective management.

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