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Senorita’s Jewellery


Jan 13, 2015

Senorita’s is a 25 year old reputed brand of Guaranteed Gold plated jewellery. Senorita’s gold plated jewellery is sold through exclusive stores in more than 50 retail locations in Maharashtra and Delhi. Senorita’s is a well known and respected brand in the imitation jewellery sector for excellent workmanship and extra long life.

Franchise Facts:

Investment: 5- 8 Lacs
Space Req: 100 sq ft onwards           
Payback Period: 12-18 months

Senorita in Spanish means a beautiful lady. The key product theme therefore is to provide jewelry and accessories to a beautiful lady.

In fact the whole concept of Senorita’s is to provide a one stop shop for all beauty needs of a woman, from jewelry to cosmetics and accessories.

Over the years though Senorita’s has carved out a niche for itself in fine Gold plated jewelry and boasts of a replacement guarantee on the gold plating of its products.In the recent years with the advent of western clothing and jewelry Senorita’s has developed a multifaceted range of stone, multi-tone, natural and semi cultured pearl and bright Rhodium jewelry that’s the choice of the urban lady.But the strong hold of ethnic, gold like patterns and finishing has not taken a back seat as nearly 65% of the total sale of senorita’s still comes from Bangles, Mangalsutras and Chains.

It is a dream of all of us at senorita’s to open an outlet at every urban and semi-urban destination in India and Internationally.

Vision :

To be the preferred choice of Jewellery Brand that shares its revenue model with its business partners and customers, nationally as well as globally.

Mission :

To provide guaranteed quality jewellery at reasonable prices to our discerning customers.

The Retail Journey:

Senorita’s started retail business with just one shop in 1994 at Thane – Mumbai and has since grown to over 60 stores with pan-India operations. SJPL follows the Hub & Spoke Model (Own Centres & Franchisee Centres) that extends technology E3driven support and ensures profitability to its business partners. SJPL is now poised for a national and international presence.

Senorita’s pioneered the shift from mere price sensitive products to offering guaranteed quality, coupled with affordable products, using modern technology & techniques in the Gram Gold & Gold Forming based Imitation Gold Jewellery. Senorita’s brand today is synonymous with exclusive guaranteed jewellery.

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