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Presto Wonders


May 13, 2015

The brand PRESTO is owned by Mohan Impressions Pvt. Limited, a Company incorporated in June 1995 with one particular objective; to be the premium resource in everything that can be Personalised. At Presto, our goal is to be the Numero Uno of Personalised Products and services by offering quality products and unparalleled customer service. We take great pride in being part of our customer’s celebrations and a part of all the significant moments of their lives both personally and professionally, whether big or small.

Our primary focus is in helping our customers signify the importance of any occasion with a personalized gift selection that reflects their precise sentiments. The individuality of our gifts ensure that their genuine thoughts are long-remembered by their family and friends, clients and colleagues, business partners and vendors they wish to honour with an expression of remembrance or appreciation. Similarly, our ranges of pre-inked stamps are manufactured with emphasis on quality and quality alone.

In order to facilitate this process, Presto invested its efforts into developing an in-house operation for providing its customer base with quality services delivered within minimal time.

Model – I

Total area – 300 sq feet
Total Investment – 20 lacs (approx.)
Franchise Fees – 3.5 lacs
Pay Back – 15 months

Model – II

Total area – 150 sq feet
Total Investment – 13 lacs (approx.)
Franchise Fees – 3 lacs (Appox.)
Pay Back – 14 months.

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