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Meri Padhai

Meri Padhai .com is a online Portal to bridge the gap between students /parents of students to search for right home tutor/coaching institute or competitive Institute.
The Vision of Meri Padhai is to Bring the tutors, Institutes, Competitive exam institutes in direct contact with the students. The aim is to provide student with the best tutors /Coaching institutes vice versa.

Meri Padhai has 3 kinds of educational platforms:
1)      Home tuition/Home tutor
2)      Local coaching Institute
3)      Competitive Exam

Total Expenses for the venture:

S.no Year Total Expense
1 Nov 15 – March 16 3.5 cr
2 Apr 16 –  March 17 6 cr
3 April 17- March 18 7 cr
4 March 18- April 19 9 cr

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