• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Mango People

Mango People, casual Indian dining restaurant and bar is based on the belief that “a man is nothing but the sum of the food he puts in his body and the thoughts that flow in his mind”. It boasts of the finest dishes for hungry stomachs and die hard foodies

Salient features of Mango People:

  • Indian Cuisine in a casual yet stylish environment
  • Caters to all walks of life – upper and middle class families, executives and office staff)
  • Quick turnaround
  • Emphasis on the presentation of food
  • Absolutely fresh ingredients and herbs used
  • Cooking is done on the spot
  • Colorful and a cozy place
  • Table and kitchen layout in accordance with the basic principles of Mango People and energy to  encourage a “POSITIVE FLOW OF ENERGY”
  • Extremely high levels of hygiene and cleanliness Professionally trained staff

Franchise Facts:

Total Area: 1200 sq feet
Total Investment: INR 50 lacs (approx.)
Franchise Fees: INR 7.5 lacs
Payback: 18 months

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