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Luv Yourself


Dec 27, 2014

Love Yourself is a women only gym by Bipasha Basu.  We are one stop solution of whatever a women requires to pamper themselves. Bipasha Basu is a fitness freak and she is one of the Bollywood Celebs who genuinely believes in fitness and women look up at her when it comes to fitness.

  • Category: Gyms and Fitness
  • Area Req: 3000
  • Investment: Rs. 50lac – Rs. 1 Cr.

The brand has a strong back up support and Bipasha Basu launched her fitness DVD “love Yourself” in 2009 and it was a tremendous success. She earned revenues in Crores.Love yourself has also launched Sports Clothing with Reebok.

It is a virgin market. We have integrated gym, aerodance, slimming,healthcafe as well as salon under one roof.

Today,Fitness industry is growing at a faster rate of 20-25% and will be reaching Rs. 1 Trillion by the end of 2015. Women are more conscious about their health,wellness and beauty and has huge spending power. So, Our brand will definatly succeed.

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