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Kidz Gurukul


Dec 15, 2014
Area Req : 1000 sq.ft. – 1500 sq.ft.

Investment : Rs. 5lac – Rs.10lac
Playschools, more popularly known as Preschools, traditionally cater to 1.5 – 5.5 (Toddler, Prenursery, Nursery & KG)years age group.
With low entry barriers, corporate activity has gathered pace & 11 major chains and 10 smaller players are active in the market.
The organized segment is growing faster than the Industry (50% vs. 36% CAGR in 2011).
Organized players have largely scaled up using the franchisee route(~1,700 schools catering to 200,000students) in preschools.
Corporate are forming Joint Ventures with the partners and moving up value chain by upgrading K12 schools.
India’s PREMIUM EDUCATION PRESCHOOL & CENTRE to provide Theme Based Preschool, Day Care, Activity Classes-Handwriting Improvement, Spoken English for Kids, Abacus & Smart Tuition, all under one roof.
Passionate about children
Assistance 24 * 7 * 365
Child friendly Integrated Daywise Curriculum
Excellent Teacher to the Child ratio
CCTV Camera Live coverage for parents
Most Affordable fee
Talking Books technology for children
Recruitment & Training of Staff.
Great Ambience & Infrastructure
ERP Reporting

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