• Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

INDIANNAA is a disruptive new idea of what a fashion brand in the future can be. Born from the need to empower both the artisan and the consumer INDIANNAA uses the full scope of modern technology and the social web by creating a new supply chain that they call the Prosperity Chain. INDIANNAA offers the sophisticated conscious consumer a very distinct product line based on the principals of provenance, heritage and artisanship; and not only enhances the online experience by linking end buyers with artisan producers, but will also draw upon the most compelling aspects of social media to construct a community around its core brand values: authenticity, transparency, uniqueness, social & environmental responsibility.

The collection will expand to include other authentic fabric sources and artisan groups. From real indigo plant-dyed denim to cashmere wool to raw banarasi silk to yak wool , the collection will grow to give the discerning modern consumer an authentic and exquisite wardrobe that tells a story. All of course sourced from artisan communities with full traceability and transparency.

Total Expense:

Seed Stage : Rs. 40 lacs
Projection Stage : Rs. 20 lacs
Execution Stage : Rs. 24 lacs

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