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Franchise Development Program is our area of expertise. Whether you are developing a new franchise program, reworking an existing one, or converting company-owned operations, 1000 Franchise has consulted across a wide variety of industries. Franchise Development includes designing a strategy for expansion, legal documents, operations manuals and marketing materials. These documents are created by a team assigned to your program that works closely with your company and staff to create materials that exceed your expectations and deliver franchise sales. Let’s get started

Feasibility Concept Research & Review

A complete analysis of company’s current operations and capacity towards the development of the alternative channel in India.
A complete market research review and analysis- identifying similar businesses, demand growth, future trends, professional viability, scope for the company to place itself in suitable category and acquire market share.
Review and recommendation for the development and finalization of the service portfolio in conjunction with the company’s capacity, supporting market demand and adaptability to the franchise business.

Strategic Planning & Business Plan Development

Franchise Business Model/s
Franchise Obligation Rule Sheet
Franchisee Profile
Franchisee Roll-Out plan (Pan India, broken down to Regional/State & City wise)
Franchise Acquisition Strategy (Agent / Master / Area Developer / Unit / Multiple)
HR structure in alignment with growth through franchising.
Five Year Growth & Projection Sheet (financials for franchisor & the franchisee)
Franchise Business Plan for Five Years

Operations Consulting & Manual Development

Franchise Operational Procedure & Structuring
Operations Manual Documentation
Training program/s for the franchisee with structure & estimated costs (one time as well as ongoing)

Legal Services

Legal Structuring & Documentation
Complete Legal Agreement/s
Unit Franchise / Master Franchisee / Area Developer
Non Disclosure document/s

Marketing & Sales Program

Franchise Marketing Plan
Franchise Marketing Brochure, Advertisements, Communication Material
Franchise Sales Procedure & Documentation
Franchise Recruitment Process

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