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The Pasta Bowl Company

Space:240-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.20-75 lacs

Flyzone Aviation

Space:700 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.8 lacs


Space:1200sq.ft. Investment:Rs.84 lacs

Fast Trax

Space:600-800 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.25-30 lacs

Dosa Plaza

Space:250-300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.17 lacs

Good To Go

Space:1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.76 lacs

Meri Padhai

Space:1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.3.5 Cr

Classic Career Academy

Space:1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.8.5 lacs

Mango People

Space:1200 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.50 lacs

V&S (Value and Substance)

Space:2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.29 lacs

SSOHM : Super Science of healing Methods

Space:600 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.12.85 lacs

Indica Makeover Studio

Space:2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.37 lacs

P.S. Designs

Space: 300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.22 Lacs

Brain O Brain

Space: 250 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.1 Lac

Nikky Bawa Make Up Studio & Salon

Space: 1000-1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.20-24 Lacs

SKI Capital

Space: 500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2 Lacs

Presto Wonders

Space: 150 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.13-20 Lacs

Krish Educare

Space: 1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.3.5 Lacs

Sesame Street

Space:2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.12 Lacs


Space:750 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.30 Lacs

Little Millenium

Space:2500-3000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-15 Lacs


Space:2000-5000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.15-30 Lacs

Brain Child Learning

Space:750 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.9-12 Lac


Space: 200-300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.12.80 Lac

Kaya Deals

Space: 800 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.22 Lac

Laziz Pizza

Space:300-1000 Sq Ft Investment:Rs. 6.5 Lacs

WoW Vada Pav

Space:200 Sq ft Investment:Rs. 5-8 Lacs

Studio One

Fee:Rs. 8.5 Lac Investment:Rs. 57 Lacs

Studio De Royale

Space:2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.1.45 Cr

Sevenseas Spa

Space:1000-3000 Sq.ft Franchise Fee:Rs.5 lac

Orane International

Space:1400-1800 Sq.ft Investment:Rs.26 lac

Pachouli Spa

Space:2700 Sq.ft Investment:Rs.86 lac

3H Kitchen

Space:200-500 Sq.ft Investment:Rs.15-26 lac

Senorita’s Jewellery

Space:100 Sq.ft Investment:Rs. 5-8 lac

Twist Potato

Space:36 Sq.ft Investment:Rs. 1.5 lac0

34 Chowringhee Lane

Space:100 Sq.ft Investment:Rs. 6-8 lac

Sanfort Schools

Space:1500-3000Sq.ft Franchise Fee:Rs. 3 lac

Education On Call

Space:200-500Sq.ft Investment:Rs.99,000/-

Luv Yourself

Space: 3000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.50L-1Cr

Inphynyt Batteries

Space: 300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Bonton Holidays

Space:300sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Little Elly

Space: 2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac


Space: 2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Eurokids International

Space: 1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac


Space: 150-1200 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-20 lac

Naturals Unisex Spa & Saloon

Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.30-50 lac

Gelato Vinto

Space: 50-300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac


Space: 100-500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac

Edumedia India

Space: 1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.50k-2lac

Blossoms International

Space: 1200-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.4-7 lac

Refeel Cartridge

Space:300-400 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac

Club Laptop

Space: 150-200 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac

Kathi Junction Foods

Space: 200 Sq.ft. Investment:Rs.6-7 Lac

Gold Leaf Spa

Space: 2000-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.30-50 lac

Cozi Cars

Space: 2000-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs. 9.48 Lac

Kidz Gurukul

Space: 1000-1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5lac-10 lac


Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-20 lac

Just Dogs

Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-20 lac

Tansen Institute of Performing Arts Pvt Ltd

Space:1500-2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs. 20- 30lac

Kathi Point

Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2-5 lac


Space:500 - 1000 sq.ft. Investment: Rs. 50,000 - 2lac

World Edumart

Space:500 - 1000 sq.ft. Investment: Rs. 10lac - 20lac

Unique Brew cafe

Space:500 -1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs. 5lac - 10lac

Smart School

Space: N/A Investment:Rs.50,000-2lac

Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda

Space:1500-2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.20lac-30 lac

Saluja CAD Consultancy

Space:500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10lac-20 lac

Roti Aur Boti

Space:500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2 lac-5 lac

Blue Orange

Space:N/A Investment:


Space:1000-1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2lac-5lac