• Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Blue Orange

Area Req : 500 sq.ft. – 1000 sq.ft.

Investment : Rs. 10lac – Rs. 20lac

Blue Orange Publications is a unit of Gyan Pushp ChildCare Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi which is contributing in the field of education and child care for more than 20 years with its various activities.

We are relentlessly working in creating books which can help children learn the world around them better. We believe that children have potential to visualize things from different perspectives. Our books intend to provide the insight to help them have broad and holistic view towards things around . SO WE SAY, “THINK MORE”. The team involved in creating these books consists of experienced, intelligent and creative people earnestly involved in creating perfect knowledge bank for the little friends.

Children are born with millions of nerve cells and early years of learning are most important to make them good and intellectual human beings. Thereby, we as facilitators have big responsibility in completing right nerve cell connections, helping them create a foundation which grows into a fair structure in future.
Blue Orange Publications has exactly that the mission, to create books which help the children understand the beautiful world around them. Beside many other focus points there are few important features in which we do rigorous research and guide our creative team to work while keeping these features in mind viz : Associative Learning, Cognitive learning approach, Environment, Kids themselves as contributors….

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