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Dec 9, 2014

Area Req : 1000 sq.ft. – 1500 sq.ft.

Investment : Rs. 2lac – Rs. 5lac


Abhigyan Women’s Polytechnic is working autonomously for Vocational Courses Literacy Mission of Govt. of India for promotion of Vocational Courses in India. We are helping career ambitious women to adopt a path of one of the best career in the world. The society has been instituted by a set of highly experienced Vocational Professionals and women with a clear vision to promote the professional Job/Freelance/Self-Employed oriented high quality Vocational Courses and Education in India.

Abhigyan Women’s Polytechnic is an organization which has been making efforts to provide knowledge to each and every woman through “Vocational Courses Program” in India. The aim of this scheme is to make each and every woman of the family, Vocational Courses literate.

We provide Vocational Education at lowest fee so that the maximum interested women can take the benefit of this scheme.

Franchise Details of Abigyan Polytechnic:

Area Required: 1200 sq ft
Total Investment: 3-5 Lac
ROI: 1 Year or 35 Admissions

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