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34 Chowringhee Lane


Jan 13, 2015

34 Chowringhee Lane was started in 2004 with the idea of creating a niche for the ever popular super snack from Kolkata to enliven the gluttonous bend of the average Delhiite. Having presence in 15 plus locations currently, we have come a long way and enjoy a fantastic patronage in Delhi with tremendous goodwill and brand recall.

We have had our share of media coverage for our Kathi Rolls, being written about in leading newspapers like Hindustan times and Times Of India, as also being featured in popular T.V. channels like NDTV and MTV.

We operate through a centralized kitchen format, which ensures consistency of quality and taste, of products delivered.

Franchise Facts:

Investment- INR 6-8 Lacs
Payback Period: 12-18 months
Space Required: Minimum 100 sq ft

Our journey with 34, Chowringhee Lane began years ago with the idea of bringing the quintessential taste of Kolkata to Delhi, with a North Indian twist that appeals to the taste buds of the average Delhiite. Gradually our endeavour turned us into a niche in ourselves, and our name has now become synonymous with rolls, as original as they can get.

Our brand maps over a number of outlets in Delhi, and a number of other locations pan-India. With tremendous response from all over, we are extending our know-how to new locations with the fervour to connect with more and more people with each passing day. 34, Chowringhee Lane has come a long way since its inception, being registered with the Copyrights and Trademarks Authority of India we have also been portrayed with accolades all across media.

Our forte lies in serving the finest at affordable prices. Our menu is also being done up from time to time with new delectable additions, giving our customers varied choices to satisfy their taste buds. At 34, Chowringhee Lane, we strive to provide only the best, keeping the idea of our classics intact. Acknowledging the constant support and encouragement of our clientele, we intend to keep on rolling.

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