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Month: January 2015

Laziz Pizza

Space:300-1000 Sq Ft Investment:Rs. 6.5 Lacs

WoW Vada Pav

Space:200 Sq ft Investment:Rs. 5-8 Lacs

Studio One

Fee:Rs. 8.5 Lac Investment:Rs. 57 Lacs

Studio De Royale

Space:2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.1.45 Cr

Sevenseas Spa

Space:1000-3000 Sq.ft Franchise Fee:Rs.5 lac

Orane International

Space:1400-1800 Sq.ft Investment:Rs.26 lac

Pachouli Spa: Priti Seth, Founder & Mentor

The guiding vision of Pachouli…a pure you is “Purifying lives by purifying the mind, body & soul”. Our mission is to bring out the best in an individual, by purifying…

Pachouli Spa

Space:2700 Sq.ft Investment:Rs.86 lac

3H Kitchen

Space:200-500 Sq.ft Investment:Rs.15-26 lac

Senorita’s Jewellery

Space:100 Sq.ft Investment:Rs. 5-8 lac

Twist Potato

Space:36 Sq.ft Investment:Rs. 1.5 lac0

34 Chowringhee Lane

Space:100 Sq.ft Investment:Rs. 6-8 lac

Sanfort Schools

Space:1500-3000Sq.ft Franchise Fee:Rs. 3 lac

Education On Call

Space:200-500Sq.ft Investment:Rs.99,000/-