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Month: December 2014

Luv Yourself

Space: 3000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.50L-1Cr

Mr. Parveen Arya, Director: Kid’z Gurukul 3 in 1 Business Module

Kid’z Gurukul is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which provides three in one business module i.e.; Preschool, Daycare and Activity Classes under one roof. Kid’z Gurukul is a venture of…

Inphynyt Batteries

Space: 300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Bonton Holidays

Space:300sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Little Elly

Space: 2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac


Space: 2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Eurokids International

Space: 1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5L-10lac

Mr. Mike C Berry, CEO in Chandiok’s AddApptive Learning Solutions

As CEO of Chandiok’s AddApptive Learning Solutions, Mike is responsible for the execution of CALS education project and handling the entire strategy for the production, development and marketing of the…


Space: 150-1200 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-20 lac

Naturals Unisex Spa & Saloon

Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.30-50 lac

Gelato Vinto

Space: 50-300 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac


Space: 100-500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac

Edumedia India

Space: 1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.50k-2lac

Blossoms International

Space: 1200-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.4-7 lac

Refeel Cartridge

Space:300-400 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac

Club Laptop

Space: 150-200 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5-10 lac

Kathi Junction Foods

Space: 200 Sq.ft. Investment:Rs.6-7 Lac

Gold Leaf Spa

Space: 2000-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.30-50 lac

Cozi Cars

Space: 2000-2500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs. 9.48 Lac

Kidz Gurukul

Space: 1000-1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.5lac-10 lac


Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-20 lac

Just Dogs

Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10-20 lac

Tansen Institute of Performing Arts Pvt Ltd

Space:1500-2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs. 20- 30lac

Kathi Point

Space: 500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2-5 lac

Adam N Eve


Space:500 - 1000 sq.ft. Investment: Rs. 50,000 - 2lac

World Edumart

Space:500 - 1000 sq.ft. Investment: Rs. 10lac - 20lac

Unique Brew cafe

Space:500 -1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs. 5lac - 10lac

Smart School

Space: N/A Investment:Rs.50,000-2lac

Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda

Space:1500-2000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.20lac-30 lac

Saluja CAD Consultancy

Space:500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.10lac-20 lac

Roti Aur Boti

Space:500-1000 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2 lac-5 lac

Blue Orange

Space:N/A Investment:


Space:1000-1500 sq.ft. Investment:Rs.2lac-5lac